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Uncleared Margin Rules

Comply with UMR and Seamlessly Optimize or Validate the Selection of Collateral for Initial and Variation Margin Across Derivatives Systems

Transition UMR from a Regulatory Requirement to a Financial Edge

Solutions designed to help the buy-side, sell-side, custodians and outsourcers elevate uncleared derivatives decisions

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Harmonize Margin and Eligibility

Integrate your margin calculation systems and custodians and digitize eligibility schedules to create a centralized margin ecosystem to support complex eligibility schedules and automate IM and VM allocation decisions.

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Elevate Compliance and Controls

Don’t just comply with UMR. Leverage solutions that not only help you meet risk and regulatory requirements but also drive significant financial and operational efficiencies for your business.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Transcend’s solutions offer end-to-end automation, from out-of-the-box connectivity to tri-party agents, utilities, and custodians to automated decision execution across margin calculation, inventory, and settlement systems.

Stay Ahead of Increased Margin Volume and Complexity

Uncleared Margin Rules have certainly increased operational complexity as in-scope firms look to integrate workflows with a now broadened set of global tri-party and third-party custodians, central utilities, fund administrators, and outsourcers. As a result, there has been a learning curve for these firms as they try to develop the operational processes to meet requirements efficiently and effectively.

Transcend offers a holistic suite of solutions designed to address many of the data and automation challenges associated with UMR requirements. By centralizing disparate margin centers and harmonizing eligibility schedules, Transcend’s analytics seamlessly validate collateral adequacy and execute optimal VM allocations.

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