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Securities Finance

Intelligently finance your business with smarter repo trading and securities lending decisions powered by greater transparency, efficiency, and sophistication

An End-to-End Intelligence Solution

Explore our full suite of securities finance solutions to augment the impact of repo and lending activities.

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Integrate Triparty, bi-lateral finance, and CCP activity in a single location for greater transparency and efficiency.

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Reveal inefficiencies, opportunities, and risks across liquidity, funding, and inventory decisions.

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Systematically identify the most economically and operationally efficient assets to post as collateral for financing and trading activities.

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Automatically instruct the execution of inventory movements and collateral pledges to operationalize optimization instructions.

Extract the Greatest Value From Financing Activities

Connect data spread across trading and collateral management systems to deliver more powerful insights and optimized STP

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Real-time Inventory Management

Gain a holistic view into the composition, sources and utilization of your position or trade inventory in real-time across legal entities, accounts and businesses.

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Sources and Uses

Leverage a rules-based allocation engine to directly tie the sources of collateral, funding and swaps to their utilization, and inform a broad scope of liquidity, trading, billing, and financing decisions.

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Collateral Optimization

Identify the most economically efficient and eligible assets to allocate as collateral to realize millions in cost reductions every year.

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Cash and Liquidity Management

Harmonize and forecast cash and securities across depos, nostros, and internal accounts for smarter intraday cash and liquidity decisions across the enterprise.

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Transfer Pricing

Seamlessly allocate the costs of various financing activities to pricing practices and incentivize smarter trading decisions.

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Prime Analytics

Dissect client P&L and funding metrics and dynamically price margin loans based on collateral quality​.

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Achieve Complete Transparency, Optimal Allocations, and Automated Execution

Optimize global fixed income, equities, and cash​

The securities finance ecosystem is incredibly bifurcated and siloed across functions, teams, products and technology. Without a single platform to harmonize, monitor and automate repo and securities lending activities, individual and firm-wide performance is limited.

Transcend integrates with your internal trading and collateral management systems in addition to your CCP, triparty and third-party relationships to create a single, golden source of your securities financing activity. With a full suite of products, Transcend identifies more efficient financial and human capital usage and empowers smarter decisions across the front-, middle- and back-office.

Key Benefits:

  • Connect firm-wide assets and liabilities to optimally deploy global inventory ​
  • Gain top-down control over collateral to increase liquidity and improve return on capital​
  • Gain tailor-made allocation recommendations with flexible configuration of specific resource costs
  • Dynamically adapt to changing regulatory demands and business priorities​
  • Achieve automation and STP for both front- and back-office functions​

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