Solutions For

Operations Teams

Confidently meet control, scale, and efficiency challenges while satisfying the needs of your internal stakeholders and external clients

Elevate Your Impact With End-to-End Operations Solutions

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Connect & Harmonize

Unlock direct connectivity to CCPs, exchanges, and third-party or tri-party custodians while also integrating internal systems for a single, harmonized source of inventory and counterparty intelligence.

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Analyze & Alert

Roll-up analytics across the firm with enterprise-wide intelligence and drill into segmented details with the ability to configure alerts that notify teams to potential risks and inefficiencies.

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Optimize & Enhance

Run business-specific or enterprise-wide optimization to improve funding, liquidity, and inventory decisions in line with company-wide objectives and goals.

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Automate & Execute

Achieve straight-through-processing and mobilization with the automated execution of collateral allocations and trades.

Take Performance and Processing to the Next Level

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Improve Global Controls​

Tighten organizational controls and increase transparency with one global view of data with configurable analytics and alerts.​

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Scale Resourcefully ​

Grow seamlessly and cost efficiently by eliminating the need to increase investments in additional resources.​

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Enhance Capabilities​

Improve client service and satisfaction, while increasing capacity to support additional business/markets.​

Intelligently Optimize Your Operating Model

Cross-functional solutions to holistically support operations teams

Today, Operations professionals are under greater pressure to tighten controls while scaling the business smartly. However, with business-lines and products historically siloed, it can be difficult to achieve the transparency and efficiency required to satisfy enterprise-wide goals.

Transcend’s integrated suite of solutions are designed to seamlessly operationalize smarter liquidity, funding, and inventory decisions. With direct industry connectivity and a powerful Booking Service, Transcend delivers end-to-end decision automation.

Who We Serve

  • Securities Finance Operations​
  • Regulatory Operations​
  • Cleared Operations​
  • Treasury Operations​
  • Settlement Operations​
  • Derivative/Margin Operations​

Ready to Optimize Your Operations Goals?