Solutions for

Treasury and Central Funding

Achieve enterprise-wide inventory transparency to create a strong control environment while leveraging powerful analytics to ensure the firm is optimally sourcing and deploying financial resources

More Effectively Utilize Firm Assets to Maximize ROA

Seamlessly facilitate critical governance, analytics, and optimization capabilities

Technology and data silos make it difficult to achieve the enterprise-wide inventory transparency required to reveal the sources and uses of collateral and funding across the enterprise. Furthermore, this lack of visibility prevents firms from being able to optimally manage assets and proactively address inefficiencies across business-lines.

By harmonizing inventories across the enterprise, Transcend empowers Treasury and Central Funding teams to ensure the business is most efficiently and optimally funded.

Benefits of Transcend

  • Seamlessly transition to a centralized funding model for improved efficiency, performance, and risk management
  • Allocate secured and unsecured funding costs across businesses for dynamic Transfer Pricing
  • Proactively identify and resolve inefficient usage of cash and collateral
  • Digitize collateral schedules to reveal additional funding opportunities
  • Easily mobilize assets across the enterprise with STP
  • Ensure you are not overexposed within a business-line or across the firm

Solutions Designed to Uncover Decision Intelligence and Drive Peak Performance

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Centralize Eligibility Schedules

Analyze harmonized eligibility schedules to ensure you are realizing the greatest funding value from your assets.

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Analyze Firm-wide Inventory

Gain a holistic view into the composition of firm-wide inventory and granular insights into the sources and utilization of global assets.

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Facilitate Dynamic Transfer Pricing

Seamlessly allocate the costs of various financing activities to pricing practices and incentivize smarter trading decisions.

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Consolidate Margin Activity

Improve risk management with insights into margin call statuses, disputes, and fails across all counterparty exposures.

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Optimize Funding Decisions

Analyze counterparty obligations against your entire asset inventory to optimally and efficiently fund your business.

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Evaluate Cash and Liquidity

Improve financial performance through the most efficient utilization of cash and greater HQLA retention.

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