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CCP Central

Connect, Optimize, and Automate CCP Margin Workflows from a Single Platform

Achieve End-to-End Cleared Margin Management

CCP Central connects, standardizes, optimizes, and automates CCP margin management.

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Transcend CCP Link automatically connects to eligibility, margin obligation, and allocation data across multiple CCPs.

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Structure and normalize data, eligibility, and constraints from various CCPs and exchanges to centralize data for analytics and mobilization.

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Apply configurable rules and sophisticated algorithms to identify the most economically efficient and optimal collateral to cover IM requirements.

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Utilize Transcend’s powerful Booking Service to automatically satisfy multiple competing margin calls and perform hundreds of collateral movements at once.

Notable Features

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Configurable CCP Dashboards​
View CCP-specific attributes including margin calls, excess/deficit information and intraday activity​
Next-gen Calculations​
Complex processing and haircut calculations (i.e. multi-currency) baked into excess/deficit calculations​
Robust Control Framework
Automate the management and recall of excess balances with requisite maker/checker controls​
Security-Specific Eligibility Support​
Support for bespoke security-specific eligibility requirements from certain CCPs (i.e. CME, OCC)​

Capture Cleared Margin in Your Optimization Strategy

Streamline margin and collateral decisions across your CCPs

For many firms, increased collateral requirements from CCPs due to heightened market uncertainty and volatility represents a daily challenge since cleared margin management requires coordination across front, middle and back-office functions. As margin obligations and collateral movements are often manually processed in product-specific operational silos and each CCP has its own interface, it is challenging to integrate diverse exposures into an enterprise-wide strategy.

CCP Central addresses these challenges by providing pre-built connectivity to CCPs, enabling a holistic and real-time view into obligations and balances that can be acted upon by key stakeholders, without the need for internal development resources to set up and maintain multiple complex CCP integrations.

Mitigate Margin Risk

Powerful rules & alerts framework

CCP Central enables users to define rules and alerts when specific criteria are met. A flexible validation engine empowers clients to customize rules and alerts to very specific, tailored needs.

Sample CCP Central Rules

  • Deficit balance monitoring​
  • Excess balance monitoring ​
  • Early notification of collateral maturity dates​
  • Notification of EOD/Intraday margin & collateral reports

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