Risk and Regulatory

QFC Recordkeeping

Automatically map agreements, generate QFC reports, and perform report validations​

Increase Reporting Accuracy and Efficiency

U.S. domiciled financial companies deemed in-scope for compliance with Qualified Financial Contract (QFCs) Recordkeeping and Reporting must generate a daily report for linking governing agreements and other related information for each reportable QFC position. However, creating these reports can be a massive, time consuming burden given the complexity of and disparity between positions, collateral, agreements, and guarantees.

Transcend has enabled firms to seamlessly meet QFC Recordkeeping requirements by capturing, harmonizing, and linking all required positions, collateral, agreements, and reference data for in-scope products. With independent validation of reports against the latest specifications, Transcend ensures that reports submitted via the system are accurate.

Notable Features

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Pre-validation & Exception Management
Proactively identify, assign, and resolve exceptions ahead of submission to regulators
Regulatory Submission Workflow
Ability to automatically submit reports to regulators with configurable maker/checker approval workflow
Position to Agreement Mapping
Daily position to agreement mapping, with option to manually map with maker/checker workflow and insights into previously mapped positions becoming unmapped
Seamless Data Ingestion
APIs to capture transactional and referential data with user-driven upload or manual entry capabilities for bespoke positions, safekeeping agents, and certain other tables
Configurable Reporting
View data in pivot or grid outputs with ability to export to Excel, create trend analysis reports, and audit day over day workflow changes
Powerful User Interface
Monitor the status of report validation, exception management, generation, and file delivery from a single platform

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