Break Down Business Silos. Drive Profitability.

Transcend connects eligibility, supply, and demand data spread throughout internal and external systems to create a single source of truth. With a holistic scope, Transcend Optimization identifies truly optimal funding and liquidity decisions across products and businesses.

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Out-of-the-box connectivity to a global network of CCPs ingests all relevant information from CCPs including eligibility, requirements, positions, and balances to allocate ideal assets as collateral.

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Out-of-the-box connectivity to triparty agents normalizes triparty balances, deals, and eligibility information for optimal client-directed allocations across or within Triparties.

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A powerful integration service connects with your derivatives margin systems to ingest margin call information in real-time to optimize the selection of collateral for IM or VM.

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Connect your repo and equities financing systems to Transcend for a full inventory scope and incorporate bi-lateral finance into your holistic optimization strategy.

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Imagine Adding Millions To Your Books Every Year

The opportunity cost is too great to miss out on holistic optimization

Transcend is helping clients save millions in financial and operational efficiencies annually. As pressures to improve performance increase, why limit your firm to optimizing one area or silo of the business? Transcend Inventory Optimization is helping clients achieve strategic goals faster than ever with the execution of smarter liquidity, funding, and collateral decisions.

Trust us, the benefits will speak for themselves.

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Explore the Transformational Results of Inventory Optimization

  • Improved Liquidity Management
  • Maximized Operational Efficiency & STP
  • Reduced Unsecured Funding Usage
  • Best Allocation of Global Assets For Your Firm
  • Expansive Scope With Configurable Scenarios Across Vertical and Horizontal Considerations
  • Enhanced Scalability with Dynamic Response to Changing Business and Regulatory Conditions

Why Our Inventory Optimization is Superior

Transcend’s Inventory Optimization empowers clients to run cross-product optimization and manage bi-lateral finance trades, triparty activity and derivative margin flows from a single platform. The result is simple: better financial performance, greater liquidity, and streamlined operations.

With seamless integrations to your internal technology platforms and out-of-the-box connectivity to CCPs and Triparty agents, Transcend leverages the power of your existing systems and relationships to lift your entire business to a higher state of performance.

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