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G-SIB achieves global inventory optimization with centralized funding platform


A global, US-based bank recognized the opportunity to improve and coordinate collateral management and funding processes across business areas to drive better firm-wide benefits. To increase efficiencies, and reduce funding costs and compliance risk, the firm pursued centralized funding and collateral optimization strategy. To realize these strategic goals, they turned to the modular solutions and expertise from Transcend. The Transcend solution empowered the entire team, from front-to-back and across businesses, with advanced capabilities, including:

  • Substantially reducing overall collateral funding costs
  • Managing the firm’s securities assets and algorithm-driven workflows in ONE place
  • Tracking collateral sources against uses to coordinate funding decisions, and allocating costs accurately to analyze efficiency of resources
  • Better upgrade/downgrade decisions through Transcend’s “transformation services” to ensure use of the cheapest-to-deliver collateral
  • Streamlining compliant RRP reporting with harmonized data

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