Bundled Capabilities

Eligibility Central

Digitize, harmonize, and analyze eligibility schedules spread across legal agreements

Seamlessly Expose More Options for Funding Decisions

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Out-of-the-box connectivity to triparty agents, CCPs, and central banks collets and digitizes eligibility schedules in counterparty agreements

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Our powerful Integration Service harmonizes disparate data sets and formats in the eligibility agreements for seamless cross-agreement analytics

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Leverage configurable and user-friendly dashboards to “slice-and-dice” eligibility data in a variety of tables and reports for critical insights

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Connect your real-time eligibility hub with core collateral capabilities such as validation and optimization with a single JSON message

Notable Features

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Direct Connectivity
Out-of-the-box connectivity to triparty agents, CCPs, and central banks and integrations with bi-lateral finance systems
User Interface
Seamlessly complete ad hoc eligibility capture and modification directly from the platform
Powerful Analytics
Analyze agreement data, from acceptable collateral types to constraints around ratings, maturity, index composition, etc., to various forms of concentration limits in real-time
Downstream Integrations
Send eligibility information in real-time to downstream optimization, validation and execution solutions

Ensure You are Realizing the Greatest Funding Value From Your Assets

As the capital markets community increases focus on enterprise collateral management, optimization, and mobilization strategies, the need to harmonize collateral eligibility schedules is clear. However, with potentially thousands of counterparty agreements spread across CCP, triparty, derivatives, and bi-lateral systems, it is difficult to aggregate, normalize, and analyze all the needed data in a centralized location.

Transcend Eligibility Central is a unifying platform for collateral eligibility information and analytics. With eligibility information digitized and connected, firms can run never-before achieved analytics to drive smarter funding and trading decisions and accelerate critical collateral initiatives including optimization and straight-through-processing.

Do More With Your Financial Resources

Key Benefits

  • Empower smarter trading decisions by identifying acceptable collateral types, with associated margins and constraints
  • Reduce time and errors by eliminating the manual process of seeking and analyzing agreements, and connect them to the trades they govern
  • Utilizing detailed agreements data at your fingertips, identify which clients are giving you the best terms, and reward them with the best trades
  • Accelerate the time-to-value for various initiatives from collateral optimization to collateral mobilization and STP

Ready to More Seamlessly Analyze and Mobilize Collateral?