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Transcend Launches “Eligibility Central” to Help Clients Accelerate Critical Enterprise Collateral Strategies

March 17, 2022 – Transcend, a leading provider of optimization solutions for funding, liquidity, and collateral has announced the launch of Eligibility Central, a unifying platform for collateral eligibility information and analytics. Transcend Eligibility Central empowers clients to accelerate critical collateral functionality such as optimization or mobilization.

“As the capital markets community increases focus on enterprise collateral management, optimization, and mobilization strategies, the need for harmonization of collateral eligibility schedules is clear,” explains BJ Marcoullier, Head of Business Development at Transcend. “However, because the collateral ecosystem is so large and bifurcated, we regularly hear it is taking industry players far too long to create an eligibility hub internally. Eligibility Central helps firms streamline complex collateral strategies and accelerate time-to-value timelines.”

End-to-end functionality of Eligibility Central includes:

  • A single, golden source of harmonized eligibility information: Out-of-the-box connectivity to tri-party agents, CCPs, and central banks; Integrations with clients’ internal systems for ISDA/CSA and bi-lateral finance (MRA/MSLA); An intuitive user interface that streamlines eligibility capture and modification as required.
  • Real-time eligibility analytics and dashboards: Ability to slice and dice granular eligibility criteria across clients’ portfolio of securities and compare against multiple destinations to confirm that they realize the greatest funding value from their assets.
  • Integration with optimization, validation and execution solutions: Ability to send eligibility information to other systems and processes to run an automated collateral management workflow.

“Connecting the collateral ecosystem across internal systems and external providers is a critical need in the marketplace,” explains Todd Hodgin, Transcend’s Global Head of Product Development. “Eligibility Central helps clients realize their financial performance goals by delivering a solution that supports better collateral utilization decisions.”

For clients looking to automate decision making, Transcend’s best-in-class Optimization Engine, Validation Service and Booking Service seamlessly integrate with Eligibility Central. Leveraging comprehensive cost models, constraints and scenario capabilities, Transcend’s Optimization produces the most economically efficient set of collateral movements. Delivered together with Eligibility Central, Transcend helps clients realize millions in cost savings every year.

About Transcend

Transcend is a leading provider of analytics, optimization, and automation solutions for collateralized businesses. With a growing r­oster of world-class banks and other financial institutions as clients, the firm is quickly becoming the gold standard for the real-time, firm-wide management of inventory, funding and liquidity. With more than 125 global employees possessing deep domain expertise in collateral, securities finance, derivatives, operations, and more, Transcend is uniquely positioned to strategically solve some of the industry’s greatest regulatory and capital challenges. For more information, visit