Solutions For

Banks and Broker Dealers

Cross-functionally support decisions that extract the greatest value from both client and firm assets

Transparency and Efficiency Has Never Been More Important

Transcend’s fully integrated solution suite empowers clients to pick and choose the capabilities needed to fill In current gaps and limitations.

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Regulatory Pressures Are Increasing

Post-crisis rules have significantly increased the need to post margin and collateral along with complex reporting requirements. Transcend aggregates firm-wide data, making it easier to meet Regulatory Requirements.

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Businesses and Teams Are Silod

Sell-side firms teams are incredibly fragmented across regions, legal entities, functions, and products. Transcend helps firms drive peak performance and efficiencies by connecting the dots and filling in the gaps between information silos.

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Business Costs Are Rising

With interest rates increasing, the cost of doing business is becoming more expensive. As a result, it is important to ensure the firm is maximizing the impact of both human and capital resources. Transcend’s solutions drive optimal financial and operational performance.

Powering Decisions Across the Firm

Transcend harmonizes historically disconnected data points across the enterprise, giving teams a single, golden source of liquidity, funding, and inventory information. With powerful analytics, optimization, and automation capabilities, clients realize financial and operational efficiencies while minimizing risk exposure.

Solutions Designed For:

  • Securities Finance
  • Funding
  • Treasury
  • Operations
  • Derivatives
  • FCMs
  • Prime Services
  • Risk and Regulatory

Ready to Elevate Your Funding, Liquidity, and Inventory Decisions?