Analytics and Insights

Prime Intelligence

Identify new efficiencies for your prime business and unlock the next level of profitability

Drive Smarter Practices for Trading, Financing, and Client Profitability

Surface key insights within your portfolio of collateral, its composition, and liquidity

Efficient use of collateral and funding combined with transparent, dynamic client pricing are key enablers for Prime Brokers to reduce costs, increase margins, and create profitable client relationships.

With a full suite of analytics capabilities, Transcend Prime Intelligence surfaces actionable insights required to optimally finance, hedge, and manage the business.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Greater client profitability through active management of client scorecard
  • Increased internalization both within the Prime Business and throughout the firm
  • Lowered funding costs
  • Improved utilization of hard-to-borrow securities
  • More strategic client billing practices

Our Capabilities

Transcend Prime Intelligence offers an integrated suite of customizable analytics that empower the business with meaningful insights. Pick and choose the capabilities that matter most to your firm.

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Client Scorecard

Gain a clear view into client portfolio composition, funding requirements, internalization, and revenue generation to analyze a client’s contribution to the bottom line.

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Asset Based Financing

Systemically adjust margin lending rates and calculate interest based on the composition of each client’s portfolio.

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Sources and Uses of Collateral

Trace the lineage of collateral from firm and client activity and the utilization of that collateral to more effectively fund the business, leverage HTB securities, and drive internalization.

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Sources and Uses of Funding

Understand the utilization of unsecured funding and the underlying costs associated with how the funding is used to finance client business.

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Sources and Uses of Swaps

Integrate swap portfolios into Transcend and link to cash security hedges to hedge the business and fund Delta One trading more effectively.

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