Triparty Collateral Management & Optimization

Unlock the untapped revenue potential of efficient Triparty collateral allocations

The Triparty Optimization Solution of Choice

With demonstrated successes for the world’s leading banks and broker-dealers, Transcend has solved even the most complex data, infrastructure, and implementation challenges in order to deliver transformational results.

With typical deployments completed in months, achieving best-in-class, scalable optimization is easier than you’d think.

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Solution Highlights Include:

  • Out-of-the-Box Connectivity to Triparty Agents
  • Digitization of Legal Agreements and Collateral Schedule Terms
  • Ability to Apply Dynamic Costs and Constraints to Multiple Optimization Scenarios
  • Integrated Booking Service for Execution Automation and Straight-through-Processing
  • Custom or Turn-key Optimization Algorithms

The Industry’s Most Sophisticated Triparty Optimization Engine

Transcend’s future-generation optimization technology delivers unmatched financial results

Improve HQLA Retention
Apply higher costs towards HQLA usage in order to more efficiently and intelligently preserve valuable, liquid collateral
Reduce Unsecured Funding Usage
Make smarter collateral allocation decisions and reduce the overall haircut of your collateral portfolio
Achieve Smarter STP
Maximize operational efficiency with direct connectivity to triparty agents and automate the execution of optimal Tri-party allocation decisions
Optimize Across Triparty Agents
Elevate performance results and more effectively manage assets by evaluating inventory and collateral obligations across all triparty agents

The Multi-Dimensional Optimization Differential

While most firms work with multiple triparty agents, many handle each relationship in a silo, limiting financial performance, efficiency, and control. Transcend’s Triparty Optimization technology automates allocation decisions in a way that puts millions back on your books every year.

Out-of-the-box connectivity harmonizes collateral obligations in real-time across multiple triparty agents. By defining scenarios to evaluate dynamic cost parameters and business / eligibility constraints against your entire asset inventory, Transcend’s Triparty Optimization solution identifies the most optimal collateral for each triparty shell in real-time.

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