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Collateral Validation

Proactively alert your firm to collateral postings that violate your legal terms and business requirements

Holistic Collateral Validation Across All Collateralized Products

Streamline risk mitigation using holistic industry integrations

Transcend seamlessly connects with global triparty agents, CCPs, and margining systems to fully automate a holistic and comprehensive collateral validation and alert process.

With a single platform to analyze collateral received across counterparties, regions, and businesses, your firm has the transparency and efficiency required to more effectively manage liquidity, funding, and inventory risks.

Alert your firm to unsatisfactory collateral postings including:

  • Insufficient collateral
  • Ineligible collateral
  • Wrong-way risk
  • Concentration limit exceeded

Key Features

Transcend Collateral Validation is automated and independent, giving you the tools to mitigate potential counterparty risk

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Agreement Harmonization
Digitize and consolidate agreement terms across disparate collateral ecosystems including triparty, bi-lateral, ISDA margin, CCP/FMU, SBL, and more
Full Audit Trail
Complete workflow to monitor global collateral activity from a centralized location
Scenario Modeling
Configure and execute validation scenarios to review your entire global portfolio or a particular subset along with what-if scenarios
Bespoke Dashboards
Transcend offers best practice dashboards that can be customized as needed to satisfy unique or changing requirements with the ability to slice and dice granular data points
Configurable Analytics & Alerts
Utilize flexible exception-based screens to monitor for eligibility, sufficiency or concentration issues, and investigate exception drivers
Real-time Collateral Balances
View global collateral balances across trade types and counterparties in real-time from a centralized platform

Take Control of Your Firm’s Exposure

Automatically ensure counterparties are posting adequate and sufficient collateral to improve governance

An effective counterparty risk management strategy should include a process to proactively validate whether collateral postings satisfy terms in order to comply with regulatory and audit requirements. While collateral pledgers have a host of solutions at their fingertips to allocate collateral, collateral receivers often lack the tools to test collateral adequacy and understand the reasons for exceptions.

Transcend’s Collateral Validation Service harmonizes collateral balances with eligibility schedules and reference data to automatically verify whether the collateral meets business and legal terms. The service also enables you to clearly understand and address the source of the validation breaks before they create financial risks for your firm or clients.

Ready to Transform Your Risk Management Capabilities With Collateral Validation?