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Derivatives and FCMs

Drive efficiency while improving financial performance by optimally managing IM and VM collateral requirements across products

Holistically Manage Cleared and Uncleared Margin Requirements

Connect, Optimize and Automate Margin Workflows

Differing eligibility schedules and regional regulatory requirements, in addition to increasing breadth of counterparties and margin call volumes have significantly complicated the management of collateral pools.

Transcend’s integrated suite of solutions are designed to help holistically manage initial and variation margin requirements across various products, offices and teams. With a central margin center, Transcend runs the analytics, optimization and automation needed to accurately forecast liquidity and mitigate client risk, demonstrate tight cross-functional controls to reduce regulatory risk, and operate most efficiently.

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Who We Serve

  • FCM Teams
  • COOs
  • Product Management Teams
  • XVA/CVA ​Teams
  • Collateral Operations
  • Margin and Derivatives Operations

Unlock Full Margin Efficiency with End-to-End Solutions

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Connect & Harmonize

Gain direct connectivity to CCP’s, Exchanges, Custodians, while also integrating derivative margin systems and internal platforms for a single, harmonized source of inventory and margin intelligence.

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Analyze & Alert

Roll-up CCP margin analytics across the firm with enterprise-wide intelligence and drill into segmented details with the ability to configure alerts that notify teams to potential risks and inefficiencies for both firm and customer accounts.

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Optimize & Enhance

Run business-specific or enterprise-wide optimization to improve funding, liquidity, and inventory decisions in line with company-wide objectives and goals.

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Automate & Execute

Automatically allocate collateral for intraday margin requirements to achieve STP and improve operational efficiency .

Take Performance and Processing to the Next Level

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Inventory Management

Gain one view of holistic margin requirements and available inventory data with configurable analytics for proactive management of fails, trade break resolution, margin disputes and more.

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Empower Smarter Business Decisions

Apply quantitative techniques to optimize transactions and processes that make margin a performance driver. Move collateral decision-making to the front office to support strategic business objectives.

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Efficiently Manage Margin Operations ​

Systematically connect margin requirements to inventory and eligibility information and achieve straight-through-processing for cleared and uncleared margin calls.

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