Collateral Optimization

Maximize Collateral Resources


Integrate and activate collateral data with Transcend’s Collateral Optimization. Optimize bi-lateral finance trades, tri-party activity and derivative margin flows to elevate your collateral management.

Transcend seamlessly integrates with your existing internal and external systems to normalize obligations, supply and eligibility data. Connect your cleansed data into our powerful optimization engine, then apply custom rules, constraints and costs to identify the smartest collateral movements. Transcend’s integrated booking service not only recommends the smartest collateral allocations, but fully automates their movement for straight-through-processing (STP).

Transcend’s Collateral Optimization solution powers intelligent decisions, ultimately resulting in:

  • Improved Liquidity Management
  • Reduced Unsecured Funding Usage
  • Increased HQLA Retention
  • Maximized Operational Efficiency
  • Best Allocation of Global Assets
  • Dynamic Response to Changing Business and Regulatory Conditions

The Industry’s Most Advanced Optimization Engine

Transcend’s proprietary collateral optimization engine offers both rule-based processing to optimize a single security position, as well as algorithmic processing to allocate collateral in accordance with various regulatory, liquidity, operational and business requirements to minimize costs.

Transcend’s optimization algorithm assesses your supply, eligibility, and constraints and weighs various costs. Transcend can incorporate as many cost factors or constraints as you want. The choices are endless but can include:

  • Liquidity value cost
  • Haircut cost
  • Customer vs. house
  • Term vs. overnight
  • Operational fees
  • Concentration limits
  • Agreement eligibility rules
  • Exposure requirements
  • Exclusion rules
  • ESG

Out-of-the-Box or Custom Optimization. The Choice Is Yours.

Whether your team wants to build a custom optimization algorithm, or whether you’d like to leverage our trusted out-of-the-box algo, Transcend easily scales as your needs evolve. You have the power to easily adjust the optimization algorithm to satisfy new requirements at any time.


Easily integrate with CCPs, tri-parties, margin systems and more to ingest obligations and instruct best collateral movements


Normalize a wide variety of cost parameters or firm policies to successfully meet changing business objectives


Easily adjust cost parameters and constraints to customize the optimization engine without IT resources


Satisfy your unique needs and achieve enterprise optimization or collateral optimization within a specific business line

STP & Automation

Utilize Transcend’s booking service to automatically satisfy margin calls and execute funding decisions for true straight-through-processing (STP)


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