Reflections on International Women’s Day: Transcend chooses to challenge

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Despite many initiatives to promote women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, women continue to be underrepresented in the technology space. In fact, according to Deloitte, while women make up 50% of the financial services space, only 30% of the financial technology workforce consists of women. On International Women’s Day 2021, we are challenged to call out gender bias and inequality. The global theme of “Choose to Challenge” is intended to promote positive change. We have asked some of the women at Transcend to reflect on their experiences as females working in financial services and technology and how they are choosing to challenge.

Priyanka Patel, Business Manager
I have worked in technology since the beginning of my career and have seen many initiatives to encourage women to join and excel in technology positions.  While the results of this focus are tangible in younger generations with STEM programs for girls in every city across the country, current statistics show that even within technology, you’ll find more women in QA & project/program management roles vs. engineering roles.  In fact, it was not until I joined Transcend that I saw the proactive focus to hire more women engineers. With that said, I choose to challenge often intangible results of gender equality initiatives and actively measure the results of Transcend’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

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Lis Hadingham, Sales Director
Starting my career in financial services more than 20 years ago, I found it to be very much a man’s world. Back then I was often the only woman in the room. Then, when I moved into Financial Technology nearly 10 years ago, I was surprised to see even fewer women, especially in product and IT roles. But I am happy to see that is changing today – many more young women are interested in technology. As a mother, it is very exciting to see more young girls interested in after school activities such as robotics and coding. In today’s world where there is such an emphasis on technology, I believe we must focus on setting young girls up for future success. Nevertheless, there is more we must do to support women already in the workforce. Deloitte is predicting that in 2030, women will still hold less than one-third of leadership positions in financial services. I choose to challenge that statistic and actively set my fellow women up for success at Transcend through the implementation of career development and mentorship programs.

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Kiran Chennuri, Senior QA Engineer
Born and raised in India, I have seen gender discrimination and bias in all aspects of life. Having emigrated to the US, I realized this is actually a global issue. While there have been some positive advancements in the past couple of decades, lasting change takes time and has to happen at the grass roots. Having the right education is critical to this movement and I sincerely think all parents should consciously make an effort to educate and encourage their daughters at a young age. This is the only way we will be able to see the increasing number of women in the workforce across all fields. On this International Women’s Day, I choose to challenge myself to support and encourage women at work and personal life to become the best they can in the field of their choice.

Kiran Chennuri

Sunaina Nair, Business Analyst
I graduated from a STEM program where female students accounted for more than 40% of the class. However, when I was actively interviewing for full time positions after graduation, I was disheartened by the lack of women on the interview panels. The sheer number of women recognized in the technology industry, compared to men, is astonishing. I believe that women tend to doubt themselves due to the lack of strong and visible female role models, mentors and career advocates. I choose to challenge the self-doubts that make women feel less competent by encouraging them to embrace their strengths, recognize achievements and dare to make a difference.

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“The women of Transcend have contributed greatly to the success of our business and to advancing our industry as a whole. Fostering inclusive environments and implementing initiatives that lead to true gender equality should be a priority for every firm. At Transcend, we strive to do all that we can to support this movement.”
– Bimal Kadikar, Founder & CEO

Transcend is actively invested in the growth and success of women in FinTech, and in the last year alone, we are proud to have tripled our number of female employees. We choose to further challenge ourselves and continue this growth in 2021. To learn more about Transcend’s open opportunities, please visit our Career page – and be sure to share these opportunities with the women in your network!

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