Uncleared Margin Optimization

Comply with UMR and seamlessly optimize the selection of collateral for initial and variation margin across derivatives systems

Realize the Impact of Holistic Margin Optimization Technology

With regulations such as the Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) increasing the scope and complexity of posting collateral as margin for OTC derivatives, technology is needed to automate smarter collateral decisions.

Transcend’s Uncleared Margin Optimization solution holistically integrates with your derivatives margin systems to ingest margin call information in real-time.

With intraday insight into cross-business uncleared margin requirements, Transcend evaluates the margin calls against eligible inventory, running sophisticated scenarios to select the most economically and operationally efficient collateral to pledge. As a result, Transcend not only helps clients select eligible collateral, but more so Transcend helps clients select the most economically efficient collateral, resulting in millions in cost savings every year. With an integrated Booking Service, Transcend automatically executes thousands of collateral allocations in minutes to help its clients achieve critical STP.

A New Paradigm for Uncleared Margin Optimization

Transcend offers the industry’s most sophisticated optimization technology, helping its clients achieve unparalleled performance improvements

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Elevate UMR Compliance
Transcend helps clients not only seamlessly post eligible collateral, but also post the most economically efficient collateral for initial margin
Enhance the Impact of Collateral
Make smarter collateral allocation decisions and reduce the overall haircut of your collateral portfolio, while increasing liquidity
Achieve Seamless STP
Maximize operational efficiency with direct connectivity to margin workflow systems and automate the execution of optimal IM collateral allocations
Optimize Across Derivatives Systems
Elevate performance results and more effectively manage assets by evaluating inventory and collateral obligations across all derivatives products

Leading the Industry in Uncleared Margin Optimization

With demonstrated successes for the world’s leading banks, broker-dealers, custodians, and asset managers, Transcend has solved even the most complex data, infrastructure, and implementation challenges in order to deliver transformational results.

With typical deployments completed in months, achieving best-in-class, scalable optimization is within reach.

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Solution Highlights Include:

  • Direct Integrations With Derivatives Margin Systems
  • Digitization of Legal Agreements and Collateral Schedule Terms
  • Ability to Apply Dynamic Costs and Constraints to Multiple Optimization Scenarios
  • Integrated Booking Service for Execution Automation and Straight-through-Processing
  • Custom or Turn-key Optimization Algorithms
  • Real-time Insights Into Margin Call Statuses, Disputes, and Fails

Ready to Centralize and Optimize Margin Management?