CCP Central

Optimize Global CCP Margin and Collateral

CCP Connectivity, Optimization
& Automation


Transcend’s CCP Central solution delivers a single point of connectivity across a global network of CCPs to provide critical automation for margin, eligibility and collateral processing.

By taking the pain out of manual workflows and applying straight-through-processing (STP), Transcend’s technology transforms CCP collateral management and funding from a time-consuming and mandatory risk management requirement into a strategic and automated allocation process.

  • Automatically normalize and aggregate data, eligibility, costs, and constraints from your global CCP memberships.
  • Integrate global CCP funding requirements with enterprise optimization technology to lower the cost of collateral and improve liquidity.
  • Reduce operational costs and increase process automation, removing the risk of human error in the process and avoiding the burden of having to maintain individual CCP integrations.
  • Break down information gaps between Treasury, Operations, and Trading to improve risk and liquidity controls and drive better funding decisions.

Pre-built CCP Integrations

Leverage out-of-the-box
API connections with our global CCP network to automatically standardize and centrally aggregate CCP and exchange data in real-time

Configurable Alerts

Alert stakeholders to inefficiencies such as excess collateral and other CCP metrics for more effective risk and liquidity management

CCP Margin Optimization

Apply configurable rules and algorithms to instruct optimal collateral allocations to initial margin and variation margin requirements

Straight-through-Processing (STP)

Utilize Transcend’s booking service to automatically satisfy margin calls and execute CCP funding decisions

Regulatory and Compliance

Centralize CCP data and customize real-time views for users across the enterprise for enhanced cross-functional transparency and data consistency

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CCP Central


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