Mobilize Collateral Moves AND Trades

Achieve Seamless STP


As collateral velocity continues to rise, operations teams are under pressure to implement scalable and controlled solutions for booking automation. Transcend’s Booking Service provides a full stack of execution services that integrate with internal systems, execution sources and external destinations.

Automate manual workflows for processing single- or multi-step transactions, resulting in end-to-end collateral mobilization. Systematically deliver collateral to its most needed destination across triparty agents, CCPs, Legal Entities and other external destinations, regardless of complexity.

  • Centralize access to global inventory positions and flows from a single platform
  • Eliminate the friction of operationalizing collateral mobilization and optimization
  • Reallocate attention formally spent selecting and executing bookings to more strategic initiatives

Integrate Optimization for Smarter Collateral Allocations 

Connect Transcend’s Booking Service with an optimization engine to execute the best set of collateral instructions. Harness your own optimization capabilities or leverage Transcend’s sophisticated Optimization solution to unlock maximized economic and operational efficiency.

Flexible    Scope

Cover multiple transaction types for executing Tri-party allocations, CCP pledges and financing contracts

Approval Workflow

Set up maker/checker workflows to safely control executions


Earmark securities you would like to reserve from other uses until the appropriate time.


View real-time booking execution updates and results across all systems.

Alerts & Notifications

Configure an alert and notification framework to identify successful or unexpected behaviors.

Ready to digitally transform your COLLATERAL MOBILIZATION strategy? 

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