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Finadium report on ISDA’s Common Domain Model and the Digitization of Collateral

Finadium recently spoke to Bimal Kadikar, CEO of Transcend, regarding the adoption of ISDA’s Common Domain Model (CDM) by market participants. Finadium’s new report, published by Josh Galper, Managing Principal, evaluates the role of CDM to solve business problems for collateralized trading markets and its potential to standardize data elements across the derivatives lifecycle. Bimal commented on the pace of industry adoption:  

“Firms can migrate to CDM on their own schedules. It’s not like blockchain where the entire industry may need to switch over at the same time. Firms can also pick parts of CDM when they are ready for digitization at different points. This will help firms take advantage.” 

Access Finadium’s full report: The Common Domain Model: A Kickoff for Digitization in Collateral at Last?