Collateral Validation Case Study

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Case Studies, Collateral Management, Derivatives, Risk Management | 0 comments


Global Broker-Dealer achieves client collateral validation for derivatives exposure, reducing risk

Spurred by Uncleared Margin Rules, a global Broker-Dealer needed to analyze digitized agreements terms, perform what-if scenarios and proactively monitor exceptions. Additionally, they required a solution that would integrate easily with legacy systems and processes, yet quickly deliver results and ROI. As a result, the firm selected Transcend’s Collateral Validation solution to solve their greatest challenges.

With Transcend, the firm automated collateral eligibility, sufficiency & concentration limit validation for all counterparty collateral across business areas. As a result, the firm achieved better counterparty exposure management and overall risk reduction in addition to:

  • Improved compliance
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Better client service
  • Tight exposure management
  • Global business coordination

Download the full case study to learn how Transcend delivered automation to enable better counterparty exposure management, reduced risk and sets them up to easily scale with future growth.

A digital agreements strategy is essential to de-risk and optimize financial results. Accordingly, Transcend’s Digitized Eligibility Management solution ensures full funding capacity and validate legal compliance on a pre- or post-trade basis. Click here to learn more about Transcend’s Digitized Eligibility and Collateral Valuation solution.

Transcend is a leading provider of optimization solutions for collateralized businesses. With a growing roster of world-class clients, Transcend is quickly becoming the gold standard for the real-time, firm-wide management of inventory, funding and liquidity. With more than 75 employees globally, Transcend addresses an array of regulatory and capital challenges that are facing the industry with a user-friendly, SaaS-based or on-prem collateral and liquidity management platform.