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Collateral Management in 2021: An Integrated Technology Plan

In the Global Investor Group Special Report, Collateral in 2021, Bimal Kadikar, founder and CEO of Transcend, and BJ Marcoullier, head of business development, explain how an integrated technology platform can deliver a best-in-class collateral management and optimization solution, regardless of whether a company follows a siloed or integrated approach to collateral management.

As collateral management increases in importance, different firms are fashioning different approaches to meet the challenge. These typically vary with the maturity of the business, the specific organizational structure and the wider business strategies.

“Companies following either approach can benefit from a common technology platform and architecture. Regardless of how far along the collateral journey they are or how segregated their internal collateral systems, there are important gains on offer.”

Clients are increasingly coming to understand that vendor technology solutions can be implemented without compromising their institution’s intellectual differentiators. The technology framework can work for them increasingly like a utility: leaving a company’s intellectual property, concentrated in the front office, to eek out its commercial edge. Companies still own the decision-making but they can achieve the scale and advanced capabilities that regulatory compliance today requires.
Remember these firms came about to excel in a particular business line, not to do the best job in building a collateral management solution. Those companies who recognize this early are best placed to accelerate the journey using
innovative technology to lower cost processing with no loss of competitive advantage.

Lean more about optimization, mobilization, analytics and digitalization by reading the full the Transcend feature article.

Collateral Management in 2021: Click to read the full article.
Click to read the full article.

You can also download Global Investor Group’s complete special report, Collateral in 2021.