ESG Collateral Management & Financing

Seamlessly Fold ESG Criteria into Your Value Chain

ESG Analytics, Validation
& Optimization

Transcend’s solutions help market participants meet ESG collateral management and sustainable financing requirements with scale

As beneficial owners provide stricter collateral guidelines in line with their ESG policies, agent lenders and the broader collateralized markets are considering how to best incorporate ESG criteria into collateral management and financing workflows. However, without definitive guidance and best practices around preferred ESG data providers and metrics, firms require a flexible and scalable solution. Transcend empowers market participants to seamlessly fold ESG requirements into existing collateral flows & analytics.

  • Flexibly ingest and tag inventory with ESG performance metrics from your preferred data provider for granular ESG portfolio analytics
  • Run validation analytics to ensure that collateral received is inline with a client’s ESG expectations
  • Incorporate ESG criteria and constraints into Transcend’s optimization engine to book the smartest collateral allocations that meet ESG requirements

Transcend ESG Solutions

Transcend offers a variety of integrated ESG solutions designed to elevate technological capabilities while seamlessly meeting ESG requirements with scale.

Digitized Eligibility

Centrally store counterparty ESG criteria alongside collateral schedules for rich analysis and seamless collateral mobilization.

ESG Analytics

Summarize collateral and inventory information based on granular ESG data including metrics, scores, and cause-based performance.

Collateral Validation

Run intraday or ad hoc validation & sufficiency testing to assess whether collateral received meets client and/or internal requirements.


Integrate ESG criteria into our optimization engine for collateral instructions that meet ESG requirements & improving performance.

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Ingest ESG Information from Any Data Provider

Transcend’s ESG Solutions ingest reference data from your preferred ESG data provider in various formats to ensure you can meet the disparate requirements of clients and counterparties today, while delivering scalability as best practices evolve in the future.


Upload lists of excluded securities

Metrics and KPIs

Ingest detailed ESG metrics from your preferred data provider

Scores & RATINGS

Integrate ESG and cause-based scoring data and set thresholds based on ratings or grades

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