Tri-party Optimization Case Study

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Case Studies, Collateral Management, Collateral Optimization, Securities Finance | 0 comments


Global Broker-Dealer achieves tri-party optimization for fixed income collateral

A global Broker-Dealer was faced with two key business challenges. Firstly, they needed to optimize their fixed income collateral for tri-party trades. Secondly, they wanted to automatically check pre-trade collateral eligibility. Ultimately, the firm selected Transcend to implement an automated tri-party optimization strategy to satisfy these challenges.

The business was able to save hundreds of millions of dollars in unsecured funding usage through Transcend’s automated optimal collateral allocations. In addition, Transcend helped the firm realize:

  • Substantial cost savings
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Better client experience
  • Reduced business risk
  • Reduced turnaround times for client pricing inquiries

Download the full case study to learn how Transcend delivered the framework and automation to drive greater profitability in the operational tri-party collateral process with sophisticated triparty optimization.

Transcend’s Tri-party Optimization solution provides the industry’s most seamless yet sophisticated optimization capabilities. By streamlining the often-manual process of assessing eligibility, shells, deals, schedules, and costs, our technology systematically allocates collateral. In addition, Transcend’s advanced optimization engine intelligently processes recalls and places assets to ensure the most optimal use of the firm’s resources.

Transcend is a leading provider of optimization solutions for collateralized businesses. With a growing roster of world-class clients, Transcend is quickly becoming the gold standard for the real-time, firm-wide management of inventory, funding and liquidity. With more than 100 employees globally, Transcend addresses an array of regulatory and capital challenges that are facing the industry with a user-friendly, SaaS-based or on-prem collateral and liquidity management platform.